Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Interview Shah Rukh Khan


Shah Rukh Khan says that Rajni is healthy;

Shah Rukh Khan had been in Chennai yesterday for the audio launch of Tamil dubbed Ra One which he is donning the lead role. Rajnikanth had acted in a small role in this film. During this event, Shah Rukh Khan answered the questions asked by the media.

How was your experience acting with Rajnikanth?
The first time I came to Mumbai, I saw the film shooting of Rajnikanth. I wanted to speak to him at that time. I wanted to act with him in future. That dream has been fulfilled. Rajni has donned a small role in Ra One. He who has such a good heart came to Mumbai and acted in this film. Instead of telling that I have acted with him, I should say that I am really blessed standing by him who has so much humanity.
I have already acted with Kamal Haasan in Hey Ram. I am proud that I have acted with Rajnikanth and Kamal who are lions. In that way I think I have the blessings of the God. Kamal Haasan is a very good actor. I have learnt a lot of things from him. I have acted with Ajith in the film Ashoka. He is also a good friend of mine.
How is Rajnikanth? Have you met him in Chennai?
Rajnikanth is very healthy. He is very much interested to act in Raana. I am also expecting Raana very much.
Will you act in direct Tamil films?
I like to act but I don’t know the language. I am ready to act in a dumb role in a Tamil film directed by Manirathnam. The best actors and technicians in the world are here.
If you want to remake a Tamil film, which film will you choose?
You tell. Which film will be good if it is remade in Hindi? Now the trend in Mumbai is to make remake Tamil films.
Will you act in Rajnikanth’s remake film?
It is a difficult thing. I cannot even think of it. It is above imagination.
What is the role you are donning in Ra One?
I am donning a role of a Tamil youth called Shekar Subramaniam who is a software engineer.

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